Breakfast Hamper for 1 person  |  minimum 6 hampers

Individually boxed hamper containing:
• 1 x Mini Pastry
• 1 x Omelette, Bacon & Relish Roll
• 1 x Yoghurt & Fruit Pot

This breakfast hamper is designed for one person. Minimum order 6 hampers.

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Breakfast Hamper for 1 person  |  minimum 6 hampers


Individual hamper including:
• 1 x mini pastry
• 1 x omelette, bacon & relish roll
• 1 x yoghurt & fruit pot

Four days notice required. All orders will be confirmed via email before cooking begins. Cash, direct deposit or PayPal payments must be made 48 hours prior to pick up only after order confirmation by us. We will be in contact ASAP via email with more details about your order, pick up and payment. All orders are pick up only.


Please note Hendriks Cafe is not a nut free or gluten free environment. While we take the upmost care to create our products, we cannot guarantee our products are free of these allergens.


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